Exploration of
Extra Risk Adjusted Return

Search for Extra Return

With the long-term relationship with world-renown institutions, hands-on investment experience in cross-border structured finance and understanding of IT-enabled product management, we provide unique vantage points to explore extra risk-adjusted returns. 

Our Mission

With the cross-border network, cross-over product experience, and cutting-edge IT knowledge, we aim to capture the best mix of capital market and private market opportunities. We are missioned to democratize cross-border or private investment opportunities to qualified investors through investment structuring, cutting costs,  and deal filtering.

Investment Products

Proven alternative products in international financial markets only

Alternative investment has never meant 'High-risk business' in the developed markets. We aim to correct the misconception in Korea with our in-depth structured and cross-border product experience. We mostly focus on investment-grade or equivalent fixed-income products, where we could secure arbitrage or extra returns. A comprehensive combination of capital markets, interbank markets and private markets could generate extra risk-adjusted return.

Securitization of financial assets is our key focus along with cross-border fixed-income investment. Such dynamic assets as trade receivables and consumer loan receivables have generated stable but lucrative returns to fixed-income investors, and those have been more highlighted during the liquidity shortage.

IT Services

Comprehensive SaaS for a whole private investment life-cycle of financial institutions

Trust Cash Operation Management System ("TCOMS") - Seamless online treatment of 'Electronic Approval', 'Online Payment', 'Auto-sync of Passbook and Ledger'
Platform for Dynamic Asset Securitization ("PDAS") - 100% online-automated processing of 'Collateral Assignment', 'Cross-verification of Collateral Eligibility', 'Cashflow Projection', assuring on-time maintenance of collateral value and efforts-less operation. 

Alternative Investment Portal ("AIP") - Online-enabled 'Deal-matching', 'NDA & Subscription', 'Book-building', 'Investment Information Repository'  

With our hands-on experience of custody, securitization and private deal management, provides the best application of Blockchain, Robotics Process Automation and Application Programming Interface, quantum leap of  efficiency.

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